a Tour of Mars

a fairly standard shot of the planet

Olympus Mons on a hazy morning...

late afternoon at the Valles Marineris

the Cydonia region
(the famous face is at the lower right)

the Valles Marineris at sunset
(it is actually so long that the eastern region
has probably dark hours for some time)

typical view of the surface
the Boss likes that you don't have to mow anything!

Valles Marineris

how did this picture of the Moon get in here?
(just because it's red does NOT make it Mars!)

Mars image
(the one used for our logo)

the famous Face at Cydonia

NASA promo for Curiosity

Olympus Mons from space

storms on Mars

fascinating tube system seen on a portion of the surface
(strangely, the Boss won't talk about this!)

a nice shot of Olympus Mons

another space pic of the planet

a 3-D composite of Olympus Mons

nice painting of the planet

more Olympus Mons
(I think the Boss is obsessed with this feature)

near some crater... Boss says he remembers the place...

this was a Coronal Mass Ejection in 2013
(it is included because it was aimed at Mars
and the Boss was a little bit worried(?))

[about what? their satellite infrastructure sustaining damage?]

a wide-shot of the Valles Marineris
showing how far it stretches across the Martian surface

another face on Mars
(someone here said the face resembles our author, Anise Barboza,
but having not met her, I can't say for sure)

more Olympus Mons
(and I think this is an enlargement of the one above)

a close-up of the cliffs of the Valles Marineris
(someone told me the Boss claimed to have had a vacation home
near that small dark valley near the pics' center but it does
not show up at this resolution... okaaaaaay....)

another nice painting of Olympus Mons

the Boss' dream:
to move Mars close enough to Earth that he could greatly reduce his commute time

More will be coming, I guess.
The Boss seems to have an unending supply
of pictures and paintings of Mars.

(I think it's an obsession!)

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