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updated 12 November 2018

Infinite Singularity
by Jonathan Blasner

A picture's worth a thousand words… but that was then, this is now. Dr. Michael Norton discovers a picture can easily disclose a billion worlds, if you use the right eyes, or the right program.

Lost love, truth, and the eternal quest. A romance fated to be cursed, a search for resolution that becomes a national security issue, and a quest for answers that uncovers the infinite universe captured in a mere frozen moment in time.

Who knew the universe was interconnected to such a degree? And how can it bring about a much-needed intergalactic escape.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

Cult of the Black Lotus
by Norman X. Scozzafova

The gods often make use of heroes. More often, though, they make use of those less than heroic.

Revenge, whether served hot or cold, is a thing to be avoided at all costs.

Even with that understanding, a young knight embarks on a personal vendetta against the men who killed her parents. This all-consuming goal has been the only purpose for which she was thought to have survived.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

Come to the Lord
by Elver von Gondwanis

A world without hunger, without poverty, and without war. Impossible? We thought so until the alien came to take control of the world and usher in the golden age so many had been praying for.

Did altruism guide his actions or was there some dark unmentionable purpose behind his intent? Though the majority of the world was rejoicing their salvation, a handful of rebels discover what appears to be the truth. How can they plan a bold stroke under constant surveillance?

Overconfidence can be one's greatest weakness and can lead to one's downfall.

Available at Amazon - $5.99

Available at Smashwords - $5.99

Fountable III
by Terry Wayne Martin

The stability longed for seems to have arrived but then politics rears its ugly head again - the Emperor ousted in volume one escapes his exile.

Aided by several noble houses-turned renegade, the Emperor is gathering troops to retake the throne and mete out revenge to the young mathematicians who were instrumental in his removal.

Tervan and the math team have to stop their lives to try and save the galaxy from the dastardly clutches of chaos and politics.

Available at Amazon - $5.99

Available at Smashwords - $5.99

Young Wizard on the Run
by Norman X. Scozzafova

The young wizard leads a group of wizards in search of a new home where they can mingle with others and revive their dwindling population. All the while they are being tracked by their old enemies while finding new ones to combat.

They also find new friends and allies and he works to set up a new type of wizarding school with the aid from his partner. When their new home is attacked, casualties are hard to bear.

The call of his older quest rises again to heal his grief.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

by Jim Wayne

A native Briton is captured and sent to Rome as a gladiatrix. During her time in fighting exhibitions, she longs to win her freedom and return home.

She wins her freedom on the same day she discovers her sister, long thought dead, is also a gladiatrix, and she has no interest in returning home.

Both base their decisions on the fallout from the actions of their far more famous mother, Boudica.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

by Gerald Reich

The Dutch colonial village of Grijhavn seems to be under a curse and its inhabitants struggle to survive. The return of a wealthy family reawakens old hurts, hidden secrets, and a mystery steeped in black magic.

One young man, Jordaan, struggles to save the girl he loves though her family has already rejected his courtship of her. A curse is made manifest but the identity of its source has the village fearful until an answer is found.

The real answer and the eventual truth turns out to be something very much different.

Available at Amazon - $3.99

Available at Smashwords - $3.99

Heroes of Bedlam
by Gretchen Dinwiddie

A new doctor arrives at Bethlem Hospital in London to help the patients with their mental problems only to discover many of their problems are not mental at all.

Since her activities are limited to the childrens' ward, she thinks she can actually help these young people.

Instead, she discovers they might require protection but what they are is far more than she expected.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

die Raumschiffwaffe
by Felix Kinnersley

Intrigue follows an archaeologist in the Reich's Paranormal Division. After retrieving several ancient artifacts, he begins to see something not right. How are these ancient "items of power" being used for the "master race"?

With the end of the war approaching, he must uncover the secret organization within the power circle before it's too late.

This stuff won't be found in any history books.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

by Richard P. Gaunt

The director of America's favorite televised ghosthunters show is trying to uncover the truth about paranormal visitations and life after death but only through scientific means.

Using psychics is a complete and utter waste of time, in his mind.

After several cases, he is finally thrown in with a psychic and learns more than he ever expected: sometimes publishable evidence is overrated, it seems.

Available at Amazon - $4.99

Available at Smashwords - $4.99

And after over two years since its release,
this award-winning volume is
still our best selling item.

Prayerman: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light
by Stan Dane
Undoubtedly the most important evidence on the JFK assassination case for the past fifty years!

Through logic and deductive reasoning, through meticulous examination of the documentary evidence, Sean Murphy presented this case on a JFK assassination forum in 2013. Stan Dane has condensed the presentation originally presented over several months' time into an easy-to-follow format.

Both Sean's arguments and the rebuttals against the theory by other researchers are presented in a cohesive and cogent manner.

A must read for any conspiracy researcher!

Available on Kindle - $8.97
Available in Paperback - $16.97

the Rings of Ojeelah
by Terry Wayne Martin

(this is volume four in the Fountable Series)

Pleased that the political headaches are in their past, Tervan is surprised to see continuing attacks on their gate system.

After increased security measures, they are able to determine the identity of their current attackers.

The answer is a surprise although it really should not have been a mystery when they thought about it.

Traveling Wizard
by Norman X. Scozzafova

Continuing his quest to the west for answers about the origins of the Pi'esuref, Anaboraxus is joined by an old friend.

Coming upon a small group under attack, the young wizard comes to the aid of the victims.

The multiple boons accompanying such assistance convince the wizard that simple coincidence cannot be stretched that far.

Failure is Never an Option
by Volk Presmaren

Eric finds himself accepting a personal request from old Ironguts himself to join the next interdimensional excursion.

Certainly his quick thinking and rather flexible approach to bending the rules worked out well in Hell but would it be as beneficial in the next realm?

First of all, this place does not seem to play by the same rules.

Convolute Prine
by Elver von Gondwanis

Eddie enters a coma after an auto accident and begins the adventure of his life - several of them, actually.

It appears he and another traveler have been transported and trapped in the afterlife in order to fix some sort of problem.

Could it be there were certain things even God could not accomplish without help?

the Next Time I Die...
by Carlos Fuentes

Evan Rogers has a close brush with death by flying-deer-corpse.

One of the medical staff notices how quickly his recovery is going. When Evan sneaks out of the hospital, the Doctor catches him.

This Doctor has no intention of escorting the patient back into the building but into a research program. But what's his real purpose?

Web World
by Casimerz Dzwralinski

Ytharls Bimalek is a champion at riding the web and has been at the top of her sport for years.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some collateral damage caused by the lines of the web the sport requires.

On the verge of her retirement, she is caught up in the investigation. Strange as the suspicions are, what she learns is far more bizarre.

the Company Town
by Carson Merrick

A group of travelers from Britain set up a mining concern in Nevada.

Isolated, for the most part, they are free to practice magic without interruption.

Greed and strangers force their hand and, eventually, rip the group apart.

Feast of Fools
by Forrest Sherwood

Robert Hood's fortunes have greatly improved and, while Edward remains in the south, he grows closer to Princess Eleanor, to whose household he is attached.

His fool (spying) duties are renewed upon Edward's return and seem to be needed as the Baron's are getting pushy.

After another upset with his father, the King, Edward and Robin join with the Barons.

a Waste of Time
by Ralph A. Thomas

Two physicists working at a nuclear power plant are interrupted one evening by an intruder.

He avoided security by manifesting within the plant itself through the aid of a time machine. He needs help figuring out how and why it works.

After several attempts at time jumping, the young men are as confused as the owner on how the machine works.

by Horton Hepplewhite

The 2MTx has been used and abused almost into unworkability.

Feeling himself lost, he wanders the streets until one fellow robot gives him a hint of hope.

Now, if only the fellows over at Mekanix can fix him up and get him back into useful service.

by Felix Kinnersley

Having miraculously escaped the damaging nuclear explosion, Konrad and his small group of Germans find themselves transported to a mythical location in the past: the island of Thule.

Although it does, in fact, exist, it is nothing like the legends long told. In fact, that is just the start of the chain of revelations they make.

Now if only they can somehow get back to their own time with the information.

R - 3 - R
by Wesley Thanderin

Angela Parsons takes a break from her studies in the US to visit her grandfather, a retired Scotland Yard Inspector.

Though retired, he is called upon to consult on a old cold case file that seems to have mysteriously become quite hot.

Her nascent training in forensic sciences is put to the test and Angela learns about detective work first hand.

Eighteen Pages More
by C. Fenway Braxton

The reporter, Donald Etheridge, still has questions about the Lincoln assassination even though thirty-six years have passed.

He meets another person searching for answers and they figure if they combine their knowledge, they might be able to fathom the entire tale.

Donald's new friend has a surprising history and a keen understanding of the case. Together they venture to Oklahoma to solve the final remaining mystery.

On the Head of a Pin
by Marty Wilkerson

Jerilynn Fraser is a telephone operator at the US Embassy in Paris but is wept up into a case of international intrigue.

A high-place member of Al Qaeda wants to defect after his wife was rounded up by the intelligence services in Germany.

The only hitch is that he trusts only her and will surrender to no one else.

the Darker Side of Heaven
by Alvin Bochner

Jodd is surprised to find himself passing through the Pearly Gates, having anticipated quite a different final destination. While he is there, he figures he might as well fulfill his Mother's request to seek out his brother who had passed a year before.

It seems his brother did not remain long basking in the glow of God's love but has removed himself to the shadowy outskirts of Heaven. But whatever for?

Jodd is fairly certain the fault is entirely his own.

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