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updated 02 January 2023

A supposed wizard training school
has been identified as a front for a new
domestic terrorist organization.

A joint task force is assigned to infiltrate and
find out more about what's really going on.

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As things occur in our lives, choices are made and we rarely grasp the consequences of the choice. Would another path have been better?

Sadly, we have only the results of the choice actually made and not the other and things that happen afterward may have been intended for the you who made the other choice.

Perhaps this is why some things unravel so quickly without seeming reason?

It might not ever be known but some puzzle pieces can be assembled.

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Terry Wayne Martin's first three books in the Fountable series that pose the question: How does a small group of math students topple the Galactic government... twice?

But they have no interest in running the galaxy. All they want is the freedom (and time) to be with whom they choose and develop an exciting new brand of science to see how far their intellectual curiosity can take them.

Woe be to any Emperor or noble house who tries to stand in their way.

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Norman X. Scozzafova's first three books in the Anaboraxus series telling the exploits of the young wizard.

Anaboraxus stumbled into becoming a wizard without previously knowing of their existence. After helping them in a fight against their age-old enemies, he takes a small group out to set up a new community beyond their cave.

Once that task has been set to rights, he works toward his goal of creating an improved method of schooling. New enemies arrive and misfortune drives him out and he goes west to find his future.

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Mysterious lines of electro-magnetic origin appear around the world, growing for the past century, increasing at an alarming rate. Places with the greatest concentrations are becoming unlivable.

Ytharls Bimalik, champion of the web-riding sport, is the first they blame. She, after all, seems to have benefited the most. She becomes allied to her co-suspect, the head of Hovercar Corporation.

When it is sugegsted that electricity is the culprit, she asks, "What is that?" Helped by a physicist, they find the bizarre truth: the guilty party is extra-dimensional electricity.

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Elver von Gondwanis presents us with another wild ride.

Dying isn't as fun as it once was. There was usually a relaxing period to reflect on what one had taken away from the event. Now, it was a race from one life to another like some existential scavenger hunt using Megatronex's checklist of "approved" game play.

When did this happen? And what can Eddie do about it after he was put in a coma? Especially when they react violently to any opposition.

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Author Ursula Underwood brings us a new series with her first novel.

The women's tribe has lived in peace and harmony for centuries under the guidance of the Great Mother. Strangers arrive from the heavens and the peace is in jeopardy. How can their meager weapons prevail against such awesome forces?

In despair, many simply submit to such overwhelming power. A handful vow to continue receiving her guidance. But it will take time and patience to achieve success.

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For those who shredded the Constitution during the pandemic
there will be no amnesty, no turning the other cheek. Those who
proved their sworn oath means nothing will never hold a similar
position. The Oathbreakers organization researches the cases of
such activity and updates law enforcement organizations.

Little did they know someone was taking their charitable work
more seriously than they imagined. Deadly serious, so it seems.

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The Red Flag Laws have left many in America wondering if the Constitution means anything anymore. "Shall not be infringed" seems to have fallen to the wayside some time ago.

Things had been getting intense. When push came to shove and the Feds began the gun grab in earnest... the results were what any rational person would suspect: push back.

Attempting to avoid brother-against-brother chaos, the Feds preferred using multi-national contract troops. As hopeless as things seemed, another player became involved.

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When Lee Harvey Oswald is mentioned, many people think of him as the sniper who assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. They are undoubtedly influenced by the Warren Commission and other US government investigations that conclude Oswald shot and killed Kennedy as he traveled by motorcade in Dallas, Texas. This is reinforced by the mainstream media. He was declared guilty without the benefit of a trial.

But did Oswald really kill Kennedy? What are the facts? Lee Harvey Oswald said that he didn't kill anybody. He claimed he was a patsy. No one can place him on the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository building at the time of the assassination - the place where he is said to have fired the fatal shots.

According to the official investigations, Oswald ran down to the Second Floor lunchroom after the shooting and was then spotted by a police officer. But Oswald said he was on the First Floor, and went out the front door to see what the excitement was about. Was Oswald telling the truth? This book answers that question.

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Grasping at his last chance to save his beloved South, John Wilkes Booth tries to kidnap Lincoln from Ford's Theater only to find an assassin already there.

The following week finds him trying to escape into Virginia with his companion as he tries to figure out what went wrong.

Meanwhile a reporter in the capital is also trying to make sense of the ever-changing story put out by Secretary Stanton.

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We are pleased to present C. Fenway Braxton's long-awaited sequel to the novel Eighteen Pages.

A reporter plagued by inconsistencies in the Lincoln assassination thinks he has discovered the missing link until a strange visitor reveals that he knew even far less than he could have possibly imagined.

Together they embark on a journey to fill in the blanks each has about the damnable affair and perhaps place the final pieces of this almost fifty year old puzzle together. Now if they could only keep the killers off their tails long enough...

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A picture's worth a thousand words… but that was then, this is now. Dr. Michael Norton discovers a picture can easily disclose a billion worlds, if you use the right eyes, or the right program.

Lost love, truth, and the eternal quest. A romance fated to be cursed, a search for resolution that becomes a national security issue, and a quest for answers that uncovers the infinite universe captured in a mere frozen moment in time.

Who knew the universe was interconnected to such a degree? And how can it bring about a much-needed intergalactic escape.

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The subject of conspiracy seems to be growing by leaps and bounds since the beginning of the twentieth century.

If you are a novice in the field or would like to reach a deeper understanding of the subject, this book takes a wide overview of all things conspiratorial.

Many theories - historic and current - are discussed in a manner which will help the beginner navigate treacherous waters.

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The End-Date of the Mayan Calendar is rapidly approaching and many people sense it will bring change.

Though most of the 2012 prophets see this as the beginning of a Golden Age, there are many who see only doom and destruction coming on December 21st.

But did the Maya ever mention either of those possibilities? As a matter of fact, they did not. Here we will uncover what the Maya really meant.

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A native Briton is captured and sent to Rome as a gladiatrix. During her time in fighting exhibitions, she longs to win her freedom and return home.

She wins her freedom on the same day she discovers her sister, long thought dead, is also a gladiatrix, and she has no interest in returning home.

Both base their decisions on the fallout from the actions of their far more famous mother, Boudica.

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Robert Hood seemed destined to a life of hard labor until a stroke of genius put him in the role of a simpleton.

The role had a few drawbacks, so he planned a ruse to reverse the condition when the Lord Edward "Longshanks", heir to the throne of England, purchases him as a gift to the King of Spain.

He is "found out" by the Prince and he fast talks to save his skin. Edward sees using him as a spy.

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Josh and Bart had noticed they had some rather strange abilities since they were young. Now, they find two others with similar abilities.

The four practice in the park, but were seen by their teacher. Rather than stop them, she takes the task of training them.

Six others are found nearby that join the "school". Soon nine of them are having to try and stop one of their own from a life of crime.

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Carson Merrick continues his Magic Universe series with this sequel to Young Hellions.

In a company town, strangers stick out like a sore thumb. The residents know when to keep quiet about certain things. Matt Nichols left his home in Boston to seek freedom from the unyielding attitudes of his parents but needed the funds to free his sister from the same torment.

What drew him to the company town, he did not know. What brought a group of young hellions was more understandable: trying to prevent the same mayhem with which they were visited in the earlier volume.

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One might well wonder what - if anything - could possibly be
mediocre about America?

Quite a bit, as it turns out, and it has infected far too many parts
of the country to be ignored any longer. The mediocrity has to be
eradicated if we are to get back to greatness again.

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Many people fantasize about growing up in a wizarding family. The reality is quite a bit different than the fantasies. First, it is more awesome! Second, it is much more terrifying.

Dad often said there are wizards around that don't know it and others who could be wizards if only they knew how. Perhaps this reminiscence can help in that regard.

Either way, this is a story that needs to be told. If it helps birthing a few wizards in the process, it is even better.

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This book was designed for people familiar with the processes of L. Ron Hubbard, specifically in Dianetics and Scientology. It may not make much sense to others but still it is intended to be a humorous look at metaphysics and self-improvement.

Having been a counselor in Hubbard's church for many years, Rod Martin set out on a new direction in life, researching new frontiers beyond any he had previously encountered. This book is a culmination of that research and tends to read a bit like science-fiction and a bit like satire but is intended to be neither.

For those who have advanced in Scientology into the upper levels and wonder what they can tackle next - rather than simply having remedial sessions on material previously covered - this is a must read.

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A sublimely humorous treatise on building a starcruiser and how you could go about it. It is not a technical manual but rather a deeper look into why people cannot seem to break through certain mental barriers and even begin to visualize how to do such a thing.

Mr. Martin passed away in 1992 after many years as a research chemist, systems analyst for NASA, a Scientology practitioner, and finally a past-lives counselor. This is among several of the works he wrote during that latter phase of his life.

He always wrote tongue in cheek. Not only did he intend his metaphysics to be enjoyed, he assumed the only way to advance further mentally, emotionally, or spiritually was through humor. Nothing was to be taken seriously. I can hear him laughing still.

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The first offering by Australian author Godfrey Josephs.

Having been a fan of the Three Stooges since he was five years old - his father sharing the taped episodes - he fell in love with the humor, the pacing, and the madcap slapstick.

The father encouraged him to write similar madcap adventures and this book is the result. Divided into thirteen episodes, in no way rivaling the originals, we hope their zany adventures will entertain.

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Lem Bentwhistle is awakened by what sounds like kids making a crop circle in his cornfield. Instead, he finds someone parked a spaceport on his north forty!

While he and the people from the 23rd century try to figure out what has happened, they are soon joined by folks from the 19th century wild west, the crusades, and more.

After the raptors arrive, he says they all need to go home NOW. But how?

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Tech changes are coming faster each passing year. I just get older. It's not that I want to, mind you, but it seems to be out of my control.

Falling further behind seems strange - I used to be on top of all the latest tech. I had a computer, website, and blog before most of the crowd.

Now, I don't facebook, I don't tweet... heck I don't even text! Maybe you're going through this too in some areas.

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A damaged, out-dated robot is consigned
to the trash heap even though he feels he
still has some miles left in him.
He finds other robots working to renovate
the discarded and get them back into useful
situations and a future.

We all are in a conversation with the Creator
even though many people do not fully grasp
how such can be occurring. James Allocar
provides his interpretation of the phenomenon.

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